Powder Coating

Surfaces are often given a protective finish to make them last longer and look better. This is especially crucial if they are going to be exposed to moisture, heat, and other stresses. For instance, appliances, cars, building fixtures, display racks, furniture, and electrical components often get this treatment. The base surface needs to be a form of metal. Coloured powder is sprayed all over using an electrostatic process so that the particles can stick. Everything is then heated until the charged powder melts and bonds to the surface. Various colours are available to match the design and surroundings. powder coating cost is reasonable, especially if you consider the following advantages:

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Even Layers

Liquid paint may be readily available and easy to apply but it does not provide as great of a result. For example, you would often need to coat walls with multiple layers to achieve complete coverage. Not every one of them would be precisely uniform since you are mostly doing it manually. Some parts have thicker coats than others. This can become apparent upon closer scrutiny or as the paint succumbs to weathering later on. It does not really look that good as one side may be lighter than another. Other imperfections are visible as well. With powder coating, there will be uniform layers every single time.

Smooth Finish

Liquid paint is also notorious for having rough finishes. If you use a brush, there is a good chance that the strokes will still be visible once the paint dries. Other types of painting tool will leave their own marks on the surface. If your place is dusty, then you might even see some particles getting stuck in the paint. It would be hard to remove them so you will either have to live with the blemishes or redo a whole section. If you put an excessive amount of paint on your brush, then globs might slide down. Powder coated surfaces boast a much smoother and more attractive finish.

Durable Coats

Don't think that it is all about the visuals. Using powder also provides the benefit of having a longer lasting finish. The melted powder bonds well with the metal base, almost fusing into one. It will be very hard to scratch and remove the coat even if you deliberately tried to do so. It is for this reason that a lot of windows are getting this treatment. The aluminium panels can look brand new many years after installation despite continuous exposure to the sun, rain, and snow. Just a quick wipe would be enough to clean it and bring back the shine.


Last but not the least, part of the rising popularity of powder coating lies in its green credential. Liquid paints are known to contain volatile organic compounds of VOCs. These are released into the air little by little, damaging the environment. The EPA has raised standards for dealing with VOCs including the use of costly pollution control equipment. There is no need to use these with powder paints as they do not contain these toxic compounds.